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Welcome to EMS

Quality Assurance is a must for measuring efficiency and effectiveness of business processes. We at Etech assist companies in identifying opportunities and deriving actions to improve their processes, sales conversion and customer satisfaction. We also provide intelligent data with the help of our Call Center Quality Monitoring program that produces insight which will drive business improvements. An effective quality assurance model and plan help us deliver better sales results, improve customer experience and also ensure all regulatory and compliance requirements defined by the clients are met consistently. Etech Monitoring Solutions (EMS) is an exclusive division of Etech, that represents a highly skilled team of 200 Call Center Quality Assurance auditors led by an experienced leadership team with over 20 years of hands-on experience.

Benefits of our QA Services

  • Increase sales and enhance customer experience
  • Reduce the cost of quality monitoring efforts
  • Save time and resources to allow focus on other critical center operations
  • Improve the impact of the coaching actions with your sales/service and support agents
  • Ensure all compliance and regulatory requirements are being consistently met
  • Gain deeper customer insights to evaluate branding, promotional offers and other marketplace feedback which can help shape your marketing strategies

EMS Services

  • Inbound/Outbound quality monitoring
    • Voice Calls
    • Web Interactions
  • Sales Verification
  • Agent compliance to sales or service policies
  • Customer service improvement audits
  • Customer experience survey scrubs
  • Process compliance audits
  • Legal compliance audits (call center agent compliance to mandatory disclosures)
  • DNC (Do Not Call) and Irate call verifications

To know more about our Quality Assurance Services, Case Studies and Latest News, please visit us at Assurance or Click Here.

For Sales Enquiry, call us at 936-559-2258

For Support, call us at 936-559-2200